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Churches Together in Caversham (CTC)

CTC has only one meeting per year, the Annual Assembly. The minutes of the most recent Annual Assebly are here.


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REinspired-Caversham is
the schools project of CTC.

E-mail REinspired-Caversham on caversham@reinspired


The answers to the picnic quiz are here. Congratulations to Ken and Barbara Macrae, gold medal winners of the 2016 CTC PICNIC QUIZ! Thanks to everyone who took part. We raised £195 for Hope Asia.


The CTC charity of the Year is Hope Asia, a Caversham-based charity working with the poorest children in Myanmar and Cambodia.


Please use the links below to visit the websites of some of the churches of Caversham.


If you find links which do not work, or notice we have missed something, please e-mail admin@cavershamchurch.org.uk.



St. Andrew’s, Caversham Heights: www.standrewscaversham.org

St. Barnabas, Emmer Green: www.saintbarnabas.org.uk

St. John’s, Lower Caversham www.stjohnthebaptistcaversham.org.uk

St. Margaret’s, Mapledurham www.stmargaretmapledurham.org.uk

St.Peter’s, St. Peter’s Hill www.stpetercaversham.org.uk



Caversham Heights Methodist Church: www.cavhmc.org.uk

Gosbrook Road Methodist Church: www.cavhmc.org.uk



Caversham Baptist Church: www.cavershambaptistchurch.org.uk



Caversham Park LEP


New Frontiers

Grace Church: www.gracechurchcaversham.org.uk



New Testament Church of God


Roman Catholic

Our Lady and St. Anne: www.ourladyandstanne.org.uk